"A Horse, A Horse, my kingdom for a horse"  ....... (Shakespeare)

Now, at last "A Kingdom....for your horse".

Does your current boarding facility management:

Keep your horse's up-to-date negative coggins (copy) on file?

Keep your horse's medical infomation, vet vaccination record (copies) on file?

Send you a letter a month in advance about what your horse is due for in reference to Spring and/or Fall vaccinations?

Make arrangements for the farrier to visit on a schedule, meet him and hold each of your horses ..... at no extra charge?

De-worm (paste) your horses, and every other horse at the facility on the same day per farm vetrinarian's suggested schedule, with the appropriate wormers?.... at no additional charge?

Fly spray your horses (using your product); dress your horses in their fly masks (spring, summer, fall), and also dress them in their cool weather sheets/blankets using your directions.....again all at no additional charge?

Spray off your horse's soiled / muddied sheets and blankets, hang them to air dry and then replace them on your horse's stall blanket bar...... all at no additional charge?

Allow you to park your horse trailer ....... at no additional charge?

Are your horses' stalls at your current boarding facility kept impeccably clean?  (Or merely, barely picked and "top-dressed" giving the appearance of being clean).  Ample clean shavings left in stalls?  Have stall mats? - Or do they have large holes in the stall floor making the horse stand on severely uneven ground?  Do they scrub feed bowls and stall water buckets every day?  Pasture water troughs kept sparkling clean?  Stalled horses given warm drinking water during the winter months?

Tend to the pastures with extreme care?  Fertilizing, seeding, de-weeding program?  Drag-harrowing?

Have no unsightly, smelly manure composte piles around?

Have Rules Posted and a board contract?

Why choose a smaller boarding facility like A Knight's Echo Farm, LLC over those sprawling 100 acre farms with 25 - 50 or more horses to care for? ...

At large equine facilities your horse(s) is/are definitely not given one to one daily attention.  Those large stables don't have the resources to doctor the occasional cut for you, not to mention applying fly spray, fly masks, fly sheets, winter turn out sheets / blankets for each and every horse at the facility on a daily basis.

Also, take a close look at the pastures - are they "pastures" or really weed fields?  Take a look at the fencing and then barn, stalls and other amenities.  A lot of large facilities do not seem to have the time and / or resources to keep close attention to detail and always looking for and making improvements either for your convenience or cosmetic improvements to their facilities, making it a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for you to visit with your beloved equine!

AND - have you seen your stable manager putting sunblock on those tender white noses when needed? Well, you will here....

.....So, just a few more reasons to come visit with us!  Look forward to seeing you soon ....

If you have answered NO to any one or more of the above, then look no further, the answer is here........

Your horse's castle awaits...........