Boarding Fees
Year thru 12/31/2023

Boarding Options:

Full Stall Board Regular Care:  $550 / month  (call / email for details)
12 - 14 hour daily turn out

Full Stall Board * Special; Lay-up or  Retirement Care:​  case by case basis
(*call or email for details)

Note:  all stall boarded horses receive warm drinking water in their stalls during the winter months!

Trailer Parking:     Free
Winter daily blanketing:​ Free
Summer fly mask: Free
Application of fly spray using your product:​ Free
Bi monthly deworming: Free
Light grooming 1x per week: Free

Meeting farrier and vet. (on our schedule only) for you and holding your horses for each -- Charge is FREE!

All board options include the following:

> Mineral and white salt blocks in stalls and in all pastures
> Grain fed 2x per day (using: Purina Feeds:  to include Equine Sr.; Purina's Strategy Healthy Edge; Purina's Hi Fat Horseman's Edge; AND Beet pulp / alfalfa cube soaks.
> Warm water in stalls (winter); all feeds are watered before administering

       Hay fed 2x - 3x per day (in stall (and pasture when needed)) using:
GOREGEOUS Fescue hay
> Run in shelters in pastures
> Horse treats - available and tons of individual love and attention!!